“…a very authentic sound. ”
Kid Hops – KEXP 90.3fm Seattle

“…laid back groove…”
James Keblas – Office of Film and Music

“a cozy musical oasis brimming over with massive roots dub heavy reggae.”
Papa Fari – Culture Yard International

“Dub Lounge International stole the show at NWWRF 2010.”
Ras Danny – KBOO 90.7FM Portland, OR

Dub Lounge got the set going, busting out tight, funk-imbued reggae grooves as artificial smoke slowly congealed over the rug-laden stage.
Dub Lounge offered a change in pace from the soulful, gospel stylings of Queen Makedah, laying a template of punctuated guitar and bass-synched melodic lines and driving, sixteenth-note drum beats. An interesting point in the set was a blistering harmonica solo over a reggae groove, providing a unique contrast unheard of for the rest of the festival.
The singer did his part, but the first section of the show featured more jam breakdowns and instrumental solos, as if the vocal role was being reserved for Jarrett.
Andrew Creasey – Oregon Music News

rocking the classic reggae beats making them for real on tons of equipment and instruments.” Their roots-based dub is at times celebratory, at other times sad with lyrics true to reggae’s own roots as political statement. It’s a combination that reaches for both your heart and your mind, inviting you to open up and let it in.       – Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly

Dub Lounge International from Seattle finished the night, and played some easy-going reggae. I state “easy-going” because there was definitely a romantic touch and nice, easy instrumentals. They also played some rocksteady reggae. Overall, they made the night feel irie with their music and story.   – NugMag